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Which Android Games will be Featured on Mario Madness?

This video explains the android games that will be featured on Mario Madness YouTube Channel and Blog. Enjoy!


Kirby’s Epic Yarn Walkthrough Part 9 – Everyone’s Fan Favorite: Rising Lava!

We try (try) to overcome rising lava, and we turn into a fire truck who collects beads… wait, what?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Walkthrough Part 8 – Decorating the Apartment + Second World

We meet the apartment’s second renter and begin the second world!

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Walkthrough Part 7 – Bonus Levels & First World Completion

We do bonus levels, complete the first world, and fight a giant tree, twice.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Walkthrough Part 6 – Fangora & Moles

We fight the first boss and become similar to a mole and dig through miles of dirt!

Channel Anniversary: Android Games on Mario Madness!

As of this video, Mario Madness has turned one year old, and I decided the best way to celebrate was introduce android games on Mario Madness! Games will appear in several days. Hope you enjoy the android games! (sorry about the lamp at the top of the screen)

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Walkthrough Part 5 – Balloons and Umbrellas

We play more hide and seek and use Waddle Dees to fly!

Sonic Colors Wii Walkthrough – Credits 2/2


Sonic Colors Wii Walkthrough – Credits 1/2


Sonic Colors Wii Walkthrough Part 27 – Terminal Velocity THE FINAL BATTLE

Well, after many weird moments, we conclude the game. Credits will be posted in a separate video. My original plan was to complete this game 100%, but, since it’s been so long since I’ve posted this walkthrough, it would be a little jarring to upload me collecting all the red medals, so I’m just going to end it right here. BIG thanks to anyone who watched this whole entire walkthrough, or if you joined somewhere down the line. Thank you for watching!