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Unusual & Hilarious Mario Photos

Thanks to Nintendo Power’s final edition, I was able to capture all these photos with a microscope.







Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough Part 63 – The Final Battle Begins

Is everyone prepared to watch me take on Bowser in the next part? I sure hope so. Just so you know, I do NOT take on Bowser in this part.

Check Mii Out Channel Contest Winner!!

Contest results are in! Contest theme: A Person Who Just Had His/Her Toe Stepped On. No seriously, THAT’S MY Mii!!! I was so surprised by this; I’m sure I screamed so loudly that our neighbors two doors down could hear me. Yes, my name is Jackson. I heard that my cousin entered this same contest and got 1,654th place! I hope you continue to enjoy my walkthroughs!

check me out channel prize-winner

First place for a Mii that just got his toe stepped on.

Welcome Back to the Walkthrough… No Wait, My Blog!

Welcome to Mario Madness! Here’s my video channel on YouTube where I post my video game walkthroughs. Get ready for Mario Madness! Oh, and by the way, Mario just defeated Bowser, again!