OMSI – Berlin-Spandau Route 92E – Freudstr. to Ruthaus Spandau

The quick route from Freudstr. to Ruthaus Spandau. Enjoy!


OMSI: The Bus Simulator – Tutorial

Welcome to Mario Madness’ first tutorial! I hope it helps you in OMSI. Let me know if you want me to do more of these in the future!

OMSI – Time Lapse – Grundorf Route 76 – Bauernhof – Krankenhaus

PC gaming comes to Mario Madness! This is a time lapse of Grundorf: Route 76. I will do more PC things in the future.

EPIC Super Horn Hit! – Mario Kart 8 – Rainbow Road

A double-super horn hit!

Knock-Off Super Horn Hit, Literally! – Mario Kart 8 – Rainbow Road

Almost feel bad for that Rosalina… almost.

Operation: Destroy Blue Shell – Mario Kart 8 – Bowser’s Castle

Operation: Destroy Blue Shell: Completed!

Epic Super Horn Hit!! – Mario Kart 8 – Shy Guy Falls

But look what happened literally right after my epic super horn hit. Hmm…

Mario Kart 8 – DK Jungle – Big Hit Race!

This time all the big hits were from me!

Mario Kart 8 – Wario Stadium – Epic Shell Hit(s)!

I’m so mean! 😀

Lucky Ending! – Mario Kart 8 – Bone-Dry Dunes

If 1st place haden’t gone off-road in the last few seconds, I would’ve lost!