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Bay Area Transit News

Bay Area Transit News.

Your source for the Bay Area’s latest transportation news.


Mario Kart 8 – Rainbow Road (N64) – Music-Only Race!

This music is amazing, so I made a music-only race on N64 Rainbow Road!

Mario Kart 8 – Toad’s Turnpike – EPIC Green Shell Hit & Finish!!

An epic green shell hit that won me the race! Not to mention my finish was unintentionally pretty cool!

Mario Kart 8 – Rainbow Road – Big Hit Race!

There were many epic shots in this race!

Mario Kart 8 – Thwomp Ruins – EPIC BANANA HIT!!

One of the best throws of my life!

Mario Kart 8 – DK Jungle – AMAZING Green Shell Hit!!

An outstanding green shell hit!!

Mario Kart 8 – Donut Plains 3 Battle + HOVERING BANANA PEEL?!?!?!?

Banana Peels can now HOVER!!!

Mario Kart 8 – Tick-Tock Clock Online Race – GREEN SHELL WIN!!!!!

I won this online match from GREEN SHELLS!!! It’s a MIRACLE!!!

Mario Kart 8 – Sunshine Airport Online Race!

And online race on Sunshine Airport. Thank goodness I had a Super Horn when the blue shell came to me, or else I would’ve lost! 😀

Wii U – Mario Kart 8 – Sunshine Airport – Easy Win!

Poor Roy got knocked out of the sky (by me)!