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OMSI – Spandau Route 92 – Heerstr. Stadtgrenze- Spandau Freudstr: Time Lapse

Even with the time lapse speed on 4x, this video is still 10 mimutes long! Oh well, it’s a lot more bearable than that 40 minute video. Enjoy!

World of Subways Vol. 3: London Underground Simulator: Circle Line – Edgware Road – Hammersmith

Welcome to World of Subways Volume 3: London Underground Simulator: Circle Line. Yes, that is an extremely long title, but it’s a very fun and interesting game. This is a quick route from Edgware Road to Hammersmith via Paddington (Hammersmith & City Line). I’ll do more of this game in the future. Hope you enjoy!

OMSI – Spandau Route 92: Heerstr. Stadtgrenze – Spandau Freudstr

This is the longest route that comes with OMSI. Could you tell? I recommend getting out some popcorn. I really hope you enjoy this extra long episode!

OMSI – Grundorf Route 76: Bauernhof to Krankenhaus, and Back Again

This bus line is so short, I can do two routes in under 15 minutes!

Fire! – Mario Kart 8 – Excitebike Arena

I don’t even know how I even managed to place 3rd in this race. It was chaos!

Super Horn Saves the Day! – Mario Kart 8 – Excitebike Arena

I have decided super horns are heroes!

Green Shells and Blue Shells are Enemies! – Mario Kart 8 – Dragon Driftway

Wouldn’t that be cool if it were item vs item?

Mario vs Yoshi! – Mario Kart 8 – Mario Circuit (GBA)

I don’t know how Mario ended up in 7th, but I’m not complaining!

I Beat Ink Bowser! – Mario Kart 8 – Tick-Tock Clock

I don’t know how I did beat him, but I did!